Monday, September 01, 2014

Number 1625: How green was my hero

We’re having another theme week beginning today. I am calling it Heroes in Green Week, after costumed characters who use “green” in their names.

First up is Green Mask, who wears a green mask. By golly, that’s clever. He teams with “Domino, the Miracle Boy,” who wears a small domino mask. More cleverness!

The story, from Fox’s The Green Mask #9 (1942) is credited to Walter Frame. According to the Grand Comics Database the artist was Arthur Cazeneuve, another journeyman workhorse of the early comics. The GCD says Walter Frame was a pen name of Cazeneuve’s. Actually it is a phonetic spelling of Frehm, as in Walter Frehm, who earlier did the feature (see the link below this story).

Shown in February, a Green Mask story from Mystery Men Comics #3. Click on the thumbnail:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Number 1624: The many rooms of Archie’s Mad House

I bought the first few issues of Archie’s Madhouse off the comic rack when they were published. I liked all satire magazines, Mad and its imitators. Humor is a subjective thing, though, and after a while I found the contents of the Archie publications starting to bore me, so I moved onto other things. But I still enjoyed those early issues in their own way, reporting on the ways of teenagers. After all, at the time I was just short of entering that teenage world.

Archie’s Madhouse (also called “Mad House” on the cover, even though the indicia has it as one word) has a publishing history that would give a genealogist gray hairs. It was Archie’s Madhouse for 66 issues, Mad House Ma-ad for 4, Mad House Ma-ad Freak-Out for 2, Mad House Glads for 22, and finally just Mad House (which included some horror-style anthology issues) until winding up its run after a final 36 issues. Luckily someone has done the hard work for us, and the whole family tree can be climbed at the Grand Comics Database. Archie’s Madhouse, which debuted in 1960, went on for over 20 years under various titles, but with a continuous numbering through issue #130 in 1982.

This is issue #4 (1960) in its entirety.